Large Campus Kit

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This Large Campus Kit is designed for campus and corporate sites with a community of over 10,000 people.  It includes 12 Mobile Filtration Systems and 18 Extension Lines for use in a variety of locations.

Common applications:
Use your Mobile Filtration Systems (MFS) on campus in high traffic areas.  These high traffic areas can change over the course of a day, week or year and your MFSs can move right to where you need them.  Examples include:

  • Main walking thoroughfares, quads, commons, outdoor dining areas, etc. for distributed, daily use.
  • Temporary outdoor events including ceremonies, celebrations fund-raisers, and receptions
  • Outdoor sports seasons ranging from corporate and intermural action to intercollegiate athletes and spectators.

Complements existing infrastructure:
Many campuses have invested in recent years in indoor water bottle refillers to meet economic, health and sustainability goals.  Mobile Filtration Systems are a natural extension to the outdoor campus environment.  Use Mobile Filtration Systems any time you might consider one of these alternatives:

  • Fixed outdoor water fountains are expensive to install, prone to vandalism and can't move to where they're needed.
  • Five gallon water bottles (carboys) require frequent changing by on-call catering staff
  • Single-serve bottled water is expensive to purchase and creates inventory problems and cleanup costs.
  • No water at all (too short a time, too much hassle, etc.) introduces greater risk of dehydration and lower performance

Cool Features in each Large Campus MFS:

  • Self-serve system refills water bottles in seconds
  • Up to 800 servings per hour from two ADA-compliant taps
  • Drinking fountain for guests without their own bottle 
  • High capacity, multistage filtration eliminates chlorine taste and odor
  • Quick-twist filters cartridges with 10,000 gallon or 6 month service life (maximum)
  • ACTive Cooling Technology delivers refreshing refills even under a hot sun
  • Automatic NO-TIP System ensures stable, quick setup for a weekend or a season
  • Commercial-grade, vandal-resistant design and fasteners minimize operating costs
  • New compact design is easy carry and store
  • U.S. Patent issued 2014
  • Assembled in Spokane, WA, USA

More Details for each Large Campus MFS:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • No electric power required
  • For outdoor use only.  Modest onsite water drainage required
  • Needs pressurized (30-100 psi) potable water source.  Does not store drinking water.